Non-Profit Organizations

C1 STUDIOS has a long history of working with a diverse range of not-for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our work has assisted everything from locally-focused initiatives to regional coordination and collaboration. Regardless of the size of the project, our efforts are always the same.

We encourage our non profit clients to use us a resources and leverage our combined experience to establish new ways forward for their organization that fit into both their mission statements and budgets. Always happy to answer questions, we consider ourselves more partners than traditional vendors.

The reality that many non profits face today is that staff and, more often than not, managers are non-technical. They are often undereducated and inexperienced when it comes to websites. Yet they are still tasked with solving technical issues like updating a website and even spearheading efforts for creating a new site. It’s overwhelming to say the least and the room for error is almost zero.

Our primary goal is to minimize the burden facing staff and decision makers. How do we do it? In the most simple terms, we educate them. Our discovery services, which can be free of charge for many organizations, walk them through the ins and outs of building a new website. What does your current website do? What does the new site need to do? Who will be using the website? What’s your budget? What are your options? The result is a commitment-free scope of work that clearly outlines every aspect of the new site that can be presented to leadership for review and sign off.

In addition to offering comprehensive discovery services, we support non-profits by creating training videos and documentation for current and future staff to reference. These materials alleviate the need to pay for development services for basic site updates and give staff all the required tools to fully utilize the organization website. The way we structure the training materials also bridges the gap for position turnover as new hires can quickly and independently get up to speed on maintaining the website.


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