What can we say about Divi that hasn’t already been said? It is a true behemoth that has come for every other pre-built theme’s lunch money. Out performing themes across the board, Divi has literally opened the door for a completely new tier of clientele. In fact, we have even gone so far as to isolate Divi as the only pre-built theme we will work with.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Divi and are starting to feel that twinge of FOMO in your stomach, don’t worry: there are a lot of people in your position. To summarize, Divi is a pre-built theme that not only offers pre-made plug-and-play layouts and modules (think accordion menus, buttons, galleries, slideshows, etc) but also a full fledged set of developer tools. The beauty of Divi is that it enables us as developers to sink our teeth into the areas we want while relying on the pre-built theme to cover areas where we don’t need as much control.

With Divi, we are able to provide everything from completely template-based websites (economy class) all the way up to completely custom-designed websites (business class). While Divi has not replaced the need for a custom theme, it has bridged the gap for businesses and organizations with smaller budgets. These groups are now able to enjoy the benefits of an extremely malleable website from developers who are literally constantly rolling out improvements and upgrades. Barring catastrophic changes, the Elegant Themes team (ie developers of Divi) are here to stay.

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