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What’s the saying about teaching a person to fish instead of simply giving a fish? Something about eating for the rest of life? Whoever said that must have been a WordPress admin.

There was a time in the dark ages of the Internet where developers were the gatekeepers. Everything had to be routed through the few who spoke the language. Need to change a photo? Found a misspelled word? Sorry but that has to get added to the development queue. And guess what? It’s going to cost you.

Fast forward to present times, things have certainly changed. Through the magic of WordPress, we’re able to give the power back to the people who actually need it: you.

WordPress does have a learning curve though even with all the usability improvements administrators have seen over the years. That’s precisely where C1 STUDIOS steps in to help. We produce step-by-step video screencasts demonstrating specific tasks for your current and future team members to reference.

Typical WordPress training videos include updating page content, managing navigation menus and working with custom or site-specific features. The end result is an accelerated learning process where administrators hit the ground running immediately after site hand off.

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